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"When you can measure what you are speaking about, and express it in numbers, you know something about it"

                                                          Lord William Thomson Kelvin

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KOYRÉ measures and gives value to datas

KOYRÉ develops innovative sensors for the measurement of physical parameters (eg, pressures, strains, temperatures, flows, accelerations) of objects, equipment and machineries and the subsequent data collection, analysis and transmission to complex management systems. The new systems, which adopt wireless technologies and are developed with the Internet of Things method, make it possible to measure and give a meaning to equipment that today cannot be monitored with traditional systems.

The main features of the new sensors proposed by KOYRÉ are:

  • sensors that can be easily installed on hard or flexible structures

  • deformation resistant, waterproof, shockproof sensors

  • autonomous sensors with electronic data collection and transmission in wireless mode

  • reliability and high quality of the data acquired

  • data analysis with Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies

For the development of these new type of sensors, KOYRÉ starts from existing basic innovative sensors and studies the specific applications in terms of shape, structure and composition of the sensors as well as the data collection and analysis specific for the different uses. The hardware systems and all software systems will be developed specifically for KOYRÉ's applications in relation to the specific measurement and data processing needs.


Today KOYRÉ has identified transport, professional sport and boating as the first sectors of interest for the application of new types of sensors.

What we do


KOYRÉ has developed a unique system in the whole world for evaluating the performances of a sailing boat installing the new sensors on the sails and on the flexible structural parts.


For the first time in the world SENSORSAIL allows to measure and transmit live data of the strains and loads to which the sails are subject during navigation and to provide useful information to both designers and final users, in term of design, maintenance and replacement of sails.

Having the whole system (sails and hull) monitored, knowing its performance, receiving information and alarms, analyzing the system’s behavior in real time through a centralized and powerful computing system, allows designer, manufacturers and users to know the elements of boats and sails through objective data, in order to improve its performance, duration and overall safety.

A system for measuring, processing and transmitting data in IoT - Internet of Things logic that will be enhanced by AI-Artificial Intelligence systems for data analysis.

Pleasure boating is a sector in which real-time data collection has always been complex, due to the particularaty of the environment in which the sensors operate.

KOYRÉ intends to offer an original approach to the market, innovating an element that has always been present in the nautical world (sails), which become the support on which to use an intelligent technology and currently not often used in this sector: smart textiles.

Smart textiles are in fact currently becoming the innovative substrate for a whole range of new applications, allowing the creation of interactive products. To date, textile products are made to the point that they can be considered real electronic instruments, made interactive through fibrous materials or optical fibers, materials capable of reacting to the stimuli of the system or even autonomously, and then processing data by connecting with other similar devices ( Source TexClubTec, Italian association for the development of new textiles).

Smart fabrics therefore allow the implementation of various functions, due to the ability of acquiring information from the environment in which the textile element is used ('sensor' fabric), or by reacting to external stimuli by carrying out an action ('actuator' fabric), with the possibility of measuring mechanical, physical, chemical and biological parameters from the surrounding environment.

effetto vernice

May 2022

KOYRÉ is admitted to the Brevetti+ call for proposals announced by the Ministry of Economic Development and is awarded a non-repayable grant of € 70,000 for the valorization of the patent related to the product SENSORSAIL

About us
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KOYRÉ is a start-up born in Milan in 2018 for the development of new sensors for the measurement of physical parameters, the sensorization of textile and composite materials and the development of advanced data collection and analysis systems.

KOYRÉ has begun to analyze various sectors in which to apply its new technologies and one of these is boating, especially the recreational one, which represents one of the Italian excellences, but for which the potential of industry 4.0 is currently almost totally unused. In fact, boating is a world where data collection is often difficult and only new types of sensors will make it possible.

Starting from these assessments, and considering a market with large potential, the aim of the SENSORSAIL project is to develop a new system for the performance evaluation through sensorization of the flexible parts of boats, and in particular of the sails (with the possibility of extend this system also to all the other flexible elements, especially as regards the inflatable boats).

KOYRÉ has already secured the collaboration of technological partners, who will bring complementary skills to the project team.

The first partners in the development and contribution of skills, materials and testing services are the future client companies that will collaborate in the design and production of the solution, such as Quantum and Millenium (Marco Holm).


Via Cerva 25

20122 Milan - Italy

Phone: +39 02 39680094


VAT n. 10346110967

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